6 Tips To Make Mornings Manageable

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6 Tips To Make Mornings Manageable

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Mornings can be rough for families, with all the rushing around, fights over who gets to use the bathroom when, and trying to scramble out the door on time. But with a few easy changes and some strategizing, you can restore harmony to your family’s morning routine. Here’s our 6 super tips to create a morning routine that works for your family.


Prep At Night

By tackling just a few tasks at the end of the day, you can help make the next morning run more efficiently. Pick a few things to tackle before you turn in for the night. Help kids pick out outfits and find shoes, pack backpacks, start some overnight oats for breakfast and pack lunches the night before so can hit the ground running in the morning. Figure out what works for your evening routine and get it done. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.



Speaking of nighttime, make sure that all family members are getting adequate and restful sleep. Adjust bedtimes and bedtime routines as necessary to ensure everyone is getting the rest they need. This will lessen the tensions that lack of sleep can create first thing in the morning, saving you the trouble of cranky kids.


Family Command Center

By creating a family command center, you set your family up to take command of their day. Set up this area with baskets or bins for each family member. Backpacks, purses, keys and coats can easily be stored here, along with shoes and other outerwear that will make heading out the door so much easier. Create family calendar or schedule to help keep track of your busy lives. Make the space function for everyone. Get the kids involved by asking them to help decorate the space, their bins and their own schedules!


Quit Sleeping In

By waking up before the kids, you can give yourself the gift of a relaxing morning. You can have your morning cup of coffee or tea in peace and get yourself dressed and ready to go before the morning mayhem begins. You won’t feel as rushed and your calm attitude will set the tone for the day, and maybe it’ll rub off on the kids too!



By setting clear expectations about the morning routine, your kids will know what needs to be done and when. Print out a schedule for each child to help them stay on task, with reminders of what they need to accomplish, like brushing teeth, washing up, getting dressed, ensuring homework is in their backpacks, etc.

Use A Timer

Pick up a few egg timers from the dollar store, one for each family member. These timers can be a useful tool to help kids finish tasks like brushing teeth quickly and help them learn time management.