Building Holiday Traditions For Your Family

EntertainmentBuilding Holiday Traditions For Your Family

Building Holiday Traditions For Your Family

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This year’s holiday season may not feel like seasons past, with lockdowns and party limits, it may feel a bit stifling. But it doesn’t have to! Create new, intimate traditions with your little family this year to make the season feel more magical! We’ve got some great suggestions for new traditions you can start with your family this year and carry them forward for years to come!


Holiday Picnic Time

Set up a blanket, grab the hot chocolate and other holiday favorites and sit under the glow of the Christmas tree or in front of a lit fireplace for a magical meal with your loved ones. Kids will love the atmosphere!


Movie Marathon

Set up a cozy family nest in the living room and grab snacks, drinks and your favorite family holiday movies. Spend a lazy day watching movies and cuddling your little ones.


Homemade Decorations

Grab the craft supplies and help kids make personalized decorations for their loved ones. Deliver the decorations with a plate of homemade cookies!


Become A Christmas Angel

If your family is in a position to be charitable, help your children pick out toys or other gifts to give to a family in need. Many charities offer suggestions or lists of needed items this time of year or can assign a family with their wish lists.


Christmas Lights, What A Sight!

Check out your local Facebook or NextDoor page to find out which neighborhoods are extra festive with the Christmas decorations Take a drive with the kids to see the beautiful light displays! Look up local light festivals to plan even more whimsical fun.


Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Create a holiday-themed scavenger hunt by hiding clues around the house for kids to find, along with special treats like candy canes and chocolates.


White Elephant

Have each family member pick out a silly gag gift and start a white elephant exchange that will have your family rolling with laughter. Rules are pretty simple and easy for kids to follow. Each person draws a number to select the order of gift drawing. Sit in a circle and allow the 1st person to draw their gift and unwrap it. The 2nd person gets to either choose the gift that was unwrapped by 1st person or choose a gift from the pile. The following players also choose the previous player’s gift or a new one from the pile. Anyone whose gift is stolen can choose someone else’s gift or a new one after the first round. To keep things moving, set the rule that an unwrapped gift may only be stolen once per round or a maximum of three swaps.


Family Gingerbread Village

Purchase a few gingerbread village kits or get creative and bake your own. Have each family member decorate their own little house to add to the village! Gingerbread keeps very well and can make for a lovely table centerpiece for the holidays.

Santa’s Snacks

On Christmas Eve, have kids create a small buffet of homemade cookies, eggnog, or other holiday favorites just for Santa! Assist the kids with writing thank you notes to Santa and set them out before bed. Later in the night, sneak out and take a few bites of the snacks. For extra magic, sprinkle some flour on the floor and place large shoe prints in the flour! Kids will love seeing “proof” that Santa came.


No matter what holiday you celebrate, you can add some extra cheer to the end of the year!