Keeping Kids Safe Online

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

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Kids are spending more and more time online, and safety is a serious concern for many parents. We’ve got some great tips on what to talk to your kids about when it comes to keeping them safe online.


Personal Information

Know what information should not be given out. Passwords, name, date of birth, address, phone numbers, name of their schools, and anyone else’s information should not be shared with anyone.


Stranger Danger

You should not be talking to strangers online. Social media and chats should be kept for connecting with family and real-life friends only.



Kids should never agree to meet anyone in person. If a play date is going to be set up, it needs to go through parents every time.


Profile Security

Profiles need to remain closed, meaning they’re not searchable or viewable by the public. Profiles should not include real names, date of birth or birth year, and addresses should never be added to profiles.


Chat Room Safety

Chat rooms should never be visited without parental supervision.


When to Log Off

Know to log off or leave a site if they see something that they think parents won’t like, or if anything makes them uncomfortable.



Don’t post pictures of yourself or family members without parental permission.



Downloading and installing programs, games or apps needs to be handled by an adult.



If you read something you don’t understand or just have questions about, ask your parents.



If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, upset or confused, you don’t have to talk to them. You can log off immediately for any reason.


Family Contract for Online Safety has family contracts for kids, teens and parents that can be printed out and signed as a family. You can use it as is, or as a template to create your own safety contract.