Scented Ice Sensory Play: An Easy Activity for Kids

EntertainmentScented Ice Sensory Play: An Easy Activity for Kids

Scented Ice Sensory Play: An Easy Activity for Kids

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Try this super easy DIY scented ice sensory play activity for kids!

Summer is a wonderful time to take activities outside and it’s even better when kids can cool off with ice and water activities.

This ice sensory activity will help keep you cool even on the hottest days!

What’s better than playing with ice on a hot day? Exploring yummy scented (and flavored) ice!

Kids of all age will love playing with these super easy DIY scented ice cubes that are just perfect for sensory play.

Plus, you probably already have the materials to make these at your house!

Easy Scented Ice Sensory Play Activity for Kids

DIY scented ice for fun sensory play your kids will love!

Scented ice is easy to make! And creates a fun multi-sensory experience for toddlers and preschoolers.

I was inspired by these two posts using ice for sensory play: Frozen Excavation and Baby Sensory Play with Ice.

Want more sensory fun ideas? We have also put together 48 Five Senses Activities for Kids to Explore all five of their senses.

For this ice sensory play activity you will need:

  • Tea bags (a variety of a few flavors)
  • Ice cube trays (or muffin tins)
  • Tea Pot or Mugs to brew the tea in

Making the Scented Ice

We used strong smelling teas to scent our ice.

Then we froze it in a muffin tin and a traditional ice cube tray. This gave us variety and some bigger longer lasting ice cubes.

Make scented ice for sensory play with strong smelling teas.

I brewed several cups of different flavored teas.

Next, I let them cool with the tea bags still in the water to get the strongest possible scent.

Then we added food coloring to the ice cube trays for a visual sensory play experience as well.

For another visual ice experience try painting with ice cubes.

DIY scented ice for fun sensory play your kids will love!

Time for Ice Sensory Play

The result was a morning of experimentation and sensory play.

We slid cubes across a table, letting the colors mix. We slid them across arms, too.

The kids loved holding them in their hands counting to see how long we could hold them, before letting go.

We also stacked cubes and sorted by color and scent.

Extend your playtime!

  • Why not dip the ice cubes remaining in sugar and build towers! The sugar causes the ice to stick together, fun science experiment!
  • Bring out a long sheet of butcher paper and use the ice to draw some abstract designs and shapes.
  • Or have your kids spell or trace their names.
  • Or draw a picture on some white sheets of paper and have your kids color them in with the melting ice.
  • For older kids play, have them close their eyes and try to name the scent as they bring the sensory ice up to their nose.

What stay cool summer sensory ideas do you have?

Share with us in the comments. We love to hear from you!