Tape Road for Toddlers Quick and Simple

EntertainmentTape Road for Toddlers Quick and Simple

Tape Road for Toddlers Quick and Simple

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This easy setup tape road race track is perfect for toddlers who like things that go! Bonus, let them help with clean up for fine motor fun.

To me, a tape road is a no-brainer simple activity to do.

With all boys in the house, we’re always doing ‘things that go’.

And we build roads constantly.

Whether it’s from train tracks, drawing roads, making roads from blocks… there always seems to be roads involved.

Make a tape road through rooms, make intersections, go around rugs and under tables.

This is such a simple activity, there’s really nothing to it.

Preparing a Tape Road for Toddlers

Supplies Needed:

  • Painters tape
  • cars, trucks or ‘toys that go’
  • ride on cars or toys (optional)

Using painter’s tape I marked out a road that went through our entire downstairs for my toddlers.

TIP: In my experience the best I’ve found for wood floors is the tape for delicate surface. Test on your floor first before taping it all up!

I put down lines of tape to make roads throughout the entire downstairs.

The road went through rooms, made intersections, went around rugs and under tables.

Make a tape road through rooms, make intersections, go around rugs and under tables.

In previous years, I’ve made a bigger tape race track, so ride-on toys could fit between the lines (see below).

This time, I decided to make it smaller to get the kids crawling around.

Also got them thinking more imaginatively rather than just speeding through the house as fast as they could.

Make a tape road through rooms, make intersections, go around rugs and under tables.

We did do a little learning game with it, unsuccessfully.

Louis was not in the mood.

The tape roads are still up, so I may try that again with him another day.

For now, the boys are just enjoying driving along the tape road, here and there, throughout the day.

Make a tape road through rooms, make intersections, go around rugs and under tables.

Larger Tape Road Race Track for Toddlers

Making a large tape road for the boys to ride through in the house was much needed.

It was a day that they needed to get rid of some of their extreme amount of energy and get moving.

Make a tape road

The boys have a ‘Super Cycle‘ -Big Wheels-  left in the house from a Christmas present (thankfully now that its warming up, that’s going outside!), and a ride-on fire truck.

If you have boys – especially – I’m sure you have some sort of ride on toys too.

They used that to ride through the tape road for toddlers that I made.

Other things could be used too if you don’t have ride on toys in the house (I’m lucky and have a pretty big house that we do keep some inside), but we’ve done roads using dump trucks and tractors too.

So whatever ‘vehicle’ you have to push through the tape road would work too!

Tape road to ride through

I added little squares of red and yellow to intersections (yep, we had intersections and crossings all over).

I planned them to be stop signs and yields.

The boys didn’t quite grasp what that meant.

They still used them in their play, but it wasn’t quite ‘road legal’ and correct.

Oh well! It added an extra bit of fun for them and helped with their pretend play.

Tape road to ride through

Burn off Excess Energy With This Large Tape Race Track

They made the loop many times around the tape road track. Burning off some of the energy.

It was a little crazy for a bit, but totally worth hearing their giggles as they were racing through it.

I found it especially nice to see one stop at one of the ‘signs’ to let the other one go.

It didn’t always happen that way, but it was a nice break from the usual ‘I have to be first!’ that I hear all the time.


Cleaning up the Tape Road for Toddlers is Perfect for Fine Motor Skills Building

George insisted he help with cleaning up the tape when we were done.

Which was fine by me! I usually encourage it as part of the activities.

It was a great fine motor activity for him too, peeling up all the pieces of tape…

Another simple activity George and I did recently is with water. So simple, but definitely fun and worth doing!