Top Child-Friendly Games of 2020

EntertainmentTop Child-Friendly Games of 2020

Top Child-Friendly Games of 2020

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2020 is officially over and it’s time for our review of the year’s top gaming picks that are great for kids! We’ve compiled our top 5 apps and games that’ll keep your kids engaged and learning!


Bubadu Games

Bubadu is a developer studio with a several games under their belt. These fun games allow children to play dentist, grocery shopper, baker and more. Though not all the games offer educational value, they’re engaging and the mechanics are easy for little ones to pick up on. Many of the games do encourage problem-solving, thinking outside the box and eye-hand coordination. Available for Android only.

Toca Boca Games

Toca Boca games include cooking games, going to school, vacations and more. These simple games allow young children to learn in-app navigation, fine motor skills, and eye-hand coordination while allowing them to explore a cute, fun world. Free and paid versions available, from $1.99 for individual games, mid-tier “Big Pack” at $39.99 and “Mega Pack” for $64.99 Ages 4+



Intellijoy Kids Academy and their other titles are kindergarten prep games that help prepare children for school with games that teach numbers and basic math, reading, phonics, sight words, letter tracing and much more. Each game is $2.99, easy on the wallet and entertaining for kids. Available on iOS and Android. Ages 4+



GoNoodle is an app developed by child development experts. It’s packed with videos to help kids focus and improve social and emotional health. It’s 100% cost and ad-free! Ages 4+


The Endless

The Endless games offer alphabet games, number games, word play and Spanish. These games are free, with in-app purchases to unlock the full versions. Reviews rave about the content and educational value. Though they are on the pricier side, the games are surprisingly packed with tons of content. The reader app specifically has a massive catalog to keep kids entertained and engaged in reading for months to come. $8.99-$29.99 for single apps or $59.99 for the bundle. Available on iOS and Android. Ages 4+