Why You Need Parent-Child Dates

EntertainmentWhy You Need Parent-Child Dates

Why You Need Parent-Child Dates

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Scheduling dates with your child can help you create special memories that your child will fondly cherish as they grow up. Individual quality time with parents has numerous benefits for both child and parent. No matter how many kids you’ve got, regularly scheduling one-on-one dates will help lay a stronger foundation for your relationship. Read on to learn about the other amazing benefits to parent-child date days.



This special time for just you and your child can help them feel secure in their relationship with you and open up a safe space for communication. This time allows children the chance to voice their feelings and share with you things they might otherwise feel reluctant to talk about in a busy home setting.


Make It A Habit

Creating the habit of parent-child dates early on can help you to solidify the routine so it won’t fall by the wayside later. It also lets kids know that they are your priority, even when life gets hectic.


Sibling Rivalry

You may be able to nip sibling rivalries in the bud by spending quality one-on-one time with each child.



By giving your child your undivided attention, you make them feel special. This boosts self-esteem and confidence, which will impact how they view themselves.


Better Parenting

No matter if you’ve got a house full of kids or just one or two, problems can fall through the cracks without time set aside to connect. By creating time to let each child share what’s going on in a safe (sibling-free) setting, you’ll set them up for success and set the precedent for communication. You will also get a break from the household chaos and cut parent- guilt by giving each kid the attention they deserve.


Relationship Modeling

By modeling social interactions, you teach your child key social skills that they will carry into adulthood.